Durham and Raleigh Criminal Defense Attorney

J. Wilson Law PLLC has extensive experience in the following criminal, civil and domestic litigation:


While traffic violations may seem minor, these types of charges can result in significant fines, higher insurance premiums, and the suspension of your driver’s license.  It is your right to dispute any traffic violation you believe to be unfair.  Before accepting a plea, consider consulting with an attorney who has been successful in protecting your driving record and preventing your insurance rates from being increased.


Driving while impaired is a serious charge that can result in harsh repercussions.  When you are stopped by law enforcement, there are very detailed procedures that must be followed in order to legally establish whether a driver is impaired.  It is critical that you have an experienced attorney to assist you in navigating all aspects of the charge process and represent your interests.


Whether you have been accused of using illegals drugs or distributing them, the outcome of these charges could be life changing.  You will need an experienced lawyer that can fight to make a difference in the outcome of your case and ensure that you have access to the resources you need not only to resolve your charges, but to assist you in taking the necessary steps to move forward with your life.


There are two classifications of crimes, felonies and misdemeanors.  Common misdemeanors include: larceny, assault and minor weapons charges.  Felonies include more serious and/or violent crimes, including: sexual assault, drug trafficking, armed robbery, and murder.  We have experience successfully defending clients faced with all of these charges.  If you have been charged with any of these type of offenses, you will need a lawyer that has experience in fighting for and protecting the rights of people who have been in your same position.


J. Wilson Law PLLC can help clients or their surviving family members recover compensation for injuries and economic losses resulting from all automobile accidents, workplace incidents, as well as accidents occurring in places of public and private accommodation.  If you have been injured as a result of the actions (or inaction) of another, we can assist you.


J. Wilson Law PLLC has experience in helping people with making important decisions related to the dissolution of marriage, child support, and child custody.  We have experience helping clients through the process of filing for divorce and assisting in protecting their assets and interests.  We have assisted many clients in negotiating joint and/or sole custody agreements in their child’s best interest.  We also assist clients by ensuring they receive (or pay) an adequate and fair amount of child support in accordance with North Carolina Law.